The Civic Synergy Project aims at strengthening public participation in the implementation of European integration reforms in Ukraine through enhancing activities of two pro-European Platforms:

Project is funded by the European Union and the International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) and implemented by the IRF’s European Program Initiative

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Civic Synergy project. Final Report

Dear friends! We are pleased to present to you the Final Report on the work of the Civic Synergy project, which was implemented by the European program of the International Renaissance Foundation with the support of the European Union for almost 4 years – from the second half of 2016 to March 2020.

Monitoring of AA implementation

Priorities for Developing the Association with the EU: Expectations of Ukrainian Civil Society Experts

Ukrainian independent experts in different sectors covered by the EU-Ukraine Association have set forth their expectations of the developments of the EU-Ukraine relationship this year and in the mid-term perspective.


At the 3rd Association Exchange Forum the Joint Declaration of Georgian, Moldovan, Ukrainian Civil Society Platforms on Cooperation in Striving for European Integration was adopted

Declaration was presented to the officials and expert community of the three associated countries as well as to the representatives of the EU institutions (European Commission, EEAS, European Parliament).


Experts from Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova share judicial governance reform experiences

Each of the three countries has its unique experience but they also have much in common, so the comparisons of processes going on in these countries as well as lessons learned are of interest



Final report

Civic Synergy is the project that strengthened civil society participation in the implementation of European integration reforms in Ukraine.


Priorities of cooperation with the EU in the areas of law enforcement, fight with organised crime, cybersecurity and personal data protection

The analytical report reflects the vision of Ukraine's further actions aimed at developing and implementing a New Agenda on Justice, Freedom and Security. Among the sectors, which were analyzed in the report, are cyber-security, personal data protection and combating organized crime.

Eastern Partnership

The Relations between Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova: Prospects for 2020

In recent years, the relations between Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova were quite often overshadowed by the elections in the countries. The respective rotations of the elites and personnel in the ministries in many cases were preventing efficient bilateral dialogue. The same is true for 2020, when the prospects of the bilateral dialogue are determined by a few factors.

Monitoring of AA implementation

Integration within Association: Implementation Dynamics of the EU-Ukraine Agreement (3rd edition)

The publication offers an analysis of implementation of the economic part of the Association Agreement (as of November 2019).

upcoming events

grant projects

Civic Union "Center for Innovations Development"

Implementation period: 01-08-2017 - 31-12-2018

Environment-People-Law, international charity organisation

Implementation period: 01-11-2018 - 30-06-2019

Europe Without Barriers NGO

Implementation period: 01-04-2017 - 31-03-2018

"Easy Business"

Implementation period: 01-08-2017 - 31-12-2018

Centre of Policy and Legal Reform

Implementation period: 15-03-2019 - 01-09-2019

Foreign Policy Council "Ukrainian Prism"

Implementation period: 01-05-2019 - 30-10-2019

NGO "European Dialogue"

Implementation period: 01-11-2018 - 30-06-2018

Siverian Institute for Regional Studies

Implementation period: 01-04-2017 - 01-04-2018

Internews Ukraine

Implementation period: 01-04-2017 - 31-01-2018

NGO "The Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting"

Implementation period: 01-08-2017 - 31-08-2018


Approximately  350  organizations,  62  of which are members of both Platforms


The Ukrainian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (UNP) is a network of over 200 Ukrainian civil society organizations that aims at advocating Ukrainian interests within the framework of the Eastern Partnership initiative. UNP is a part of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum. The Ukrainian National Platform represents interests of Ukrainian civil society within the CSF framework, brings to the knowledge of authorities of Ukraine and institutions of the EU and its Member States its position, produces analytical papers, organizes discussion events and informs the public about the EaP potential and challenges. The UNP’s CSOs work within five working groups formed according to EaP areas and priorities.

130 non-governmental organizations

The Ukrainian Side of the EU-Ukraine Civil Society Platform (UA CSP), which consists of 15 members representing civil society organizations, trade unions and employers’ organizations, is a part of the EU-Ukraine Civil Society Platform (CSP) established in pursuance of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement (Articles 469-470). The CSP is one of four core elements of the Association Agreement’s institutional framework. The UA CSP has a wider scope. Based on activities of the six thematic groups uniting about 250 organizations, the UA CSP monitors the AA implementation, produces analytical papers, conducts multi-stakeholder discussions related to priority issues of EI reforms and gives relevant recommendations to Ukrainian and European authorities as well as other stakeholders.

15  members representing various sectors of Ukraine's civil society 280 non-governmental organizations

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