The Civic Synergy Project aims at strengthening public participation in the implementation of European integration reforms in Ukraine through enhancing activities of two pro-European Platforms:

Project is funded by the European Union and the International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) and implemented by the IRF’s European Program Initiative

Eastern Partnership

20 Deliverables of Eastern Partnership for 2020: Ukraine’s Progress with the Judiciary


The study examines Ukraine’s implementation of justice reforms proposed by Brussels in the Joint Staff Working Document “Eastern Partnership – 20 Deliverables for 2020. Focusing on key priorities and tangible results”.

In particular, experts analyzed Deliverable 10 “Implementation of key judicial reforms”, under the priority II “Strengthening institutions and good governance.”

The authors focused on such issues as selection of judges and prosecutors, the activities of disciplinary bodies, functioning of the free legal aid system, training of judicial personnel, the effectiveness of civil and criminal cases, and so on.

In addition to analysis on the state of implementation of corresponding EaP targets, recommendations on how to reach them have been also prepared.

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