The Civic Synergy Project aims at strengthening public participation in the implementation of European integration reforms in Ukraine through enhancing activities of two pro-European Platforms:

Project is funded by the European Union and the International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) and implemented by the IRF’s European Program Initiative

Eastern Partnership

Ukraine’s Track in Implementation of 20 EaP Deliverables Till 2020: What to Improve?


In July 2018, at the Foreign Affairs Council, EEAS and Commission services provided an overview of the “20 Deliverables for 2020” implementation and results achieved by June 2018. The document demonstrates progress achieved in implementation of the Deliverables in all six EaP countries, taking into consideration internal monitoring process that took place in January-June 2018.

In order to contribute to the discussion on the overview, opened by EEAS in July, experts from the Ukrainian National Platform of the EaP CSF have produced this memo. It contains main observations from the UNP’s own monitoring of the implementation of the Deliverables in Ukraine as of August 2018.

Although, it should be mentioned that the Memo does not highlight major achievements of Ukraine as they have been included in the EEAS document. Instead it draws attention to areas where additional effort may be needed both from the EU’s and Ukrainian sides to deliver more effectively on the commitments.

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