The Civic Synergy Project aims at strengthening public participation in the implementation of European integration reforms in Ukraine through enhancing activities of two pro-European Platforms:

Project is funded by the European Union and the International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) and implemented by the IRF’s European Program Initiative


Civic Synergy, IRF and EdEra launched online education project on EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

Ukraine’s first Special Online Education Project on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement was launched on 15 May. The project was developed by the Civic Synergy project and produced by the International Renaissance Foundation and the online education studio EdEra with support of the EU. With its five hours of video, the special project will help people make out the most detailed and ambitious document the EU has ever signed with a third country. The course explains the Agreement’s legal nature, its essence, and key provisions, how it works, and what impact it has on changes in Ukraine.

The online course comprises 24 lectures and five interviews given by Ukrainian experts in European policies and law, participants in the negotiating team at the stage of entering into the Agreement, and officials responsible for its implementation today. According to the developers, the target audience of the course includes NGOs, civil servants, and higher education institutions involved in the AA implementation and AA-related awareness campaigns, media coverage, and training.

The special project’s curriculum covers the following subjects:

  • What is the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement?
  • European standards to build Ukraine;
  • Who implements the Association Agreement?
  • The Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area;
  • Government procurement. ProZorro;
  • Market competition and state support;
  • Agriculture;
  • Environmental protection.

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